allllllllllissssssonnnnnnnnnnnn (animesailor) wrote in lycanthropes,

I just found this community and this is my first, introductory entry. my name is allison and i was born under a full moon (lol). i really like werewolf films but i havent seen very many. of course, ginger snaps is one of my favorite movies over all, but i liked underworld and an american werewolf in paris. ive never seen the howling (blasphemy for any fan huh?) or the wolfman with lon chany jr.

i also love reading so of course i read a lot of werewolf books, but there arent that many, not as many as vampire books you know? ive read blook and chocolate a couple of times and a few others that i cant think of right now, but anyone have any suggestions? i found one at the bookstore that sounded a little interesting but i didnt get it, its called The Wereling: Wounded by Stephen Cole. Anyone read it? any movie suggestions also?

well im looking forward to being here.

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