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New to this community, but it's definitely what I've been looking for, so glad to be here. My name's Siegen, hope to get to know at least a few of you, maybe more.

I've had a fair share of watching werewolf movies, but I'm more of a history person, so I've been digging around in bookstores all over the place to find older books on werewolves, their history, the origins of it all, but have failed. I will never understand why there is such a larger fascination with vampires, because..well, being in this community really gives the reason doesn't it?

So I'm curious if anyone here knows of any worthy older books. And new ones as well, just to get more information.

I'll probably be posting wolf drawings, as well as werewolf drawings, hope no one is going to be against that. Glad to be here, hope to hear from any of you.

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