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Thy Kingdom Come RPG

Thy Kingdom Come - a panfandom, supernatural, slash-friendly RPG

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Thy Kingdom Come RPG

Thy Kingdom Come Premise

The action takes place in 2009 but in Caligland, the kingdom that lies between the realms of Heaven and Hell, Past and Present, Life and Underworld. it is the period known as The Dark Renaissance.

It is a dominion where the preternatural beings rule, vampires and werewolves are elevated to nobility and humans are nothing more than food, labour and entertainement. Of course, there are rebels that try to fight to win back the country from the unholy creatures of the night.

Four times a year, on each continent, a portal opens between our universe and that of Caligland, a unique occasion for magic and science to mix, causing explosive results. While some seek to enter the Kingdom with a deliberate purpose or a task to accomplish, others seem to end up here by pure accident.

With inspiration borrowed from ancient lore and mythology, a royal court based on the 16th century Tudor court, a vampire hierarchy and clans originating in the Vampire: the Masquerade roleplaying universe, a vast variety of supernatural fandoms to choose from and a well-elaborated plot, this game has something to offer to everyone! One of a kind opportunity to play your favorite character in a unique, exciting and user-friendly environment!

Wanted Characters

Thy Kingdom Come is a fantasy multi-fandom slash-friendly RPG.

Check out our Wanted page for fandoms and characters that we would like to welcome aboard.



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