I never introduced myself. My name is Rahne (an alias, not my real name). I love wolves and werewolves. I also hate how people in movies picture werewolves to be. I mean come on. I really don't like the look of hairless Werewolves. Anyways, That is about all I can introduce right now.
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Haha I laugh at you!


I looked around this community for a couple of days and just thought of goin ahead and joinin. I just love the following movies:
Van Helsing
Dog Soldiers
The Howling

That's really the werewolf movies i've seen a love alot. I really hope i get adictive to this community since i've been a werewolf lover since i would say i saw Underworld in theaters.
Scavenge Whitefang
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hies everyone newbie in the den ^^ i would like to say im a werewolf nut and im hoping to share a lot things about them ^^ and i hope that my stay over here will be pleasant :3
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